Cape Verde has plenty to offer to the adventurous traveller. Whether you want to spend some time with your non-diving travel companions, or just looking for something to do during those last 24 hours before your flight home, our partners here on Sal and on other islands of the archipelago can give you unique insights in their fields of expertise.



Explore Cape Verde

Jonathan, a Welsh marine biologist, caters with his company to those who are interested in Sal's natural wonders above the water.

Explore Cape Verde offers hiking trips, bird watching, lemon shark excursions, turtle walks, bike & hike, stargazing and even a kid's club. A not-to-be-missed experience!

More info on their homepage or on facebook.


Reiseträume Kapverden

Reiseträume Kapverden is a German tour operator, with the company headquarter in Ravensburg. Besides, since 2003 there is a the all year-round office on the Cape Verde Islands. With the help of the gained insider knowledge and the decades of experience Reiseträume Kapverden puts together your individual tour around the islands or you use the already bundled travel package (great in connection with the diving). The aim of the company is to perfectly meet the wishes of the customers. Therefore, each trip is individually tailored to your needs.

Further information is available on the website (in German) or on facebook.


Project Biodiversity

The main objective of this non-profit organisation is the protection of the endangered loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) who lay their nests on the sandy beaches of Sal.

Other core points of their work include ecosystem conservation and community involvement. In 2017, they also started working on a census of the diverse population of seabirds on Sal.

Everything you need to know about Project Biodiversity's activities on their homepage and facebook page.


Annes Info-Point

Anne has left her German home more than 10 years ago to live in Cape Verde. She specialises in island tours that are a little different.

Her Nature Trip is legendary, and she takes you to the far north of Sal as well as the lesser-known places down south. Anywhere, as long as it is off the beaten path.

Here is a link to Anne's homepage (in German), and her facebook page has regularly new entries on the latest adventures.


Brazilian Kiosk

Did you know that the Caipirinha here in Cabo Verde is usually made with the locally produced sugar cane spirit called grogue? Not so at the Quiosqui Brasil! Our friend White imports real Cachaça from his home country, Brazil, and his wonderful crew serves the drinks in the uniquely chilled atmosphere of this low-key bar directly on the beach in front of the Morabeza hotel.

Keep up to date with all things important on their facebook page.

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