Our Team

Neil and Sandra met in 2006 while diving (what else!) in Gozo. They soon decided to open up their own dive centre - and to get married.

After the move to Sal they took over the majority shareholding and management of the ORCA Dive Club Cabo Verde in October 2014. In 2016, a fire unfortunately destroyed the dive centre, but the team carried on with the help of some other dive centres on the island. However, ORCA Dive Clubs made the decision to discontinue their engagement on the island, so we kept going under the new name Eco Dive School Cabo Verde. The rest is history.


The Boss

Neil's primary responsibilities at Eco Dive School Cabo Verde include strategy, accounting and personnel. He holds an RYA boat license and is an SSI divemaster. He speaks English and, because he was born and raised in South Africa, also Afrikaans - but he makes everyone smile when he utilises his quite unique brand of German.



The Real Boss

Sandra is not just a passionate diver and dive teacher, she also holds a masters degree in marine biology and a diploma in business management. She loves being around people and is therefore, apart from her duties as a PADI and SSI instructor, responsible for the email communication with our guests. As a native of Berlin, Sandra obviously speaks German. In addition, she is fluent in English and communicates without problems in Portuguese and Spanish.



The Heart and Soul

Nina is normally the first face that our guests encounter - with good reason, because her sunny smile immediately puts you into the right holiday mood! With her organisational talent she makes sure that the diving and training is running smoothly, and with her quick mouth she ensures that it is never boring in our centre ;-). You can talk to Nina in German (well, Swabian ;-) ) and English.



Mr No Stress

Of the whole team, no-one is living the Capeverdean motto "No Stress" like our divemaster Ben. Under water, nothing can faze him which is why even nervous divers feel absolutely safe in his company. Ben has been a divemaster since 1999, but he is also a master carpenter, and with his green thumb and his knack for drawing he is a major contributor to the beauty of our dive centre. Ben is a native of Cape Verde and therefore speaks Crioul and Portuguese, but he is also fluent in English and French and converses easily in Spanish and Italian.



The Brazilian

White has been a dive professional since 2008 and became a PADI instructor in November 2014. His love for the ocean does not only show in the number of his logged dives (5000+) but also in his stunning underwater photographs. White speaks Portuguese (if with a Brazilian twang), English, Spanish and Capeverdean Crioul. In his second life, White owns the famous Brazilian beach bar in front of the Hotel Morabeza where he serves the best Caipirinha in Cabo Verde!



Pretty Boy

Instructor Laurent is a diligent and thorough dive professional but always with a smile on his face and a joke on his lips. He came to Cape Verde first 2012 to work as an animator and fell in love with the country and its people. It was here that he became a diver and later a dive professional. Laurent was born in Belgium and apart from his mother tongue, French, he is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Crioul.




The Captain

Jose doesn't like his picture taken - but he sure likes the sea and "his" boat! The native of Santo Antao island knows the locations of our dive sites like the back of his hand and can navigate there almost blind (which, of course, he would never do!). He is also always there to help you get into your equipment before and out of it after the dive.




The Silent One

Alex is not the most talkative person but for sure has one of the friendliest smiles around. He will always jump to help anyone who needs a hand, in the dive centre, on the boat, getting into and out of the car - you don't even have to say the word. Alex is a proud native of Guinea-Bissau and is in the process of acquiring his drivers license.




The Youngster

Ivandro is universally known as "Nené" which in Crioul means "Baby". He owes this nickname to the fact that he is the youngest child of his parents but don't let the moniker fool you: As one of our helpers, Nené tackles any task, from carrying heavy tanks to helping our guests on the boat. He is also acting as our second captain and was recently certified as a Scuba Diver. His aim is to become a divemaster one day.




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